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Thanh, a non-binary gaming and anime nerd, has just discovered their roommate has made them a dating profile, showing a total misunderstanding of their affinity to romantic relationships and sexual intimacy. In the wake of this harrowing conflict, the two friends face a push and pull dilemma as Thanh realizes the only way to stop this is to stand up for themself.
  • Year
  • Runtime
    9 minutes
  • Director
    Nicolas Jara, Yen Dinh
  • Screenwriter
    Nicolas Jara, Yen Dinh
  • Producer
    Nicolas Jara, Yen Dinh
  • Executive Producer
    Kerri Stoughton-Jackson, Damien Navarro
  • Cast
    Yen Dinh, Quyne Mariah Vu, Brian Jeon
  • Cinematographer
    Alex Ajayi
  • Editor
    Nicolas Jara, Yen Dinh